Shady Street Styling provides premium quality automotive customisation and car-care products. We offer an ever-expanding range, from wheel rims to suspension upgrades, high-end custom interiors, car wash essentials, air fresheners, and more.

Our Mission

is to elevate your car enjoyment, taking street style to a new level.

Our Vision

is to reinvigorate the Gold Coast and Brisbane street car scene through a member-only forum for custom car and racing fans to meet, talk shop and exchange ideas with like-minded enthusiasts, industry reps, driving professionals and street scene influencers. 


Whilst thousands are encouraged to flock to support the Gold Coast Supercars each year, the media are quick to label car enthusiasts as "hoons", but it is vital that we have an outlet to celebrate their love of the engine! 

"The moment you press on the pedal you will feel power that the [V8] engine produces almost running through your veins. Suddenly everything around slows down and the only two things working together at that moment is just you and that car." - B. Escobedo

I am calling out to those in the motor-racing industry, living in Australia, to show your support, connect and help us to bring back a legit street car scene on the Gold Coast. 

Did you know?

From 1966 to 1987 the Gold Coast enjoyed the Surfers Paradise International Raceway in Carrara, designed and built by the extraordinary entrepreneur developer Keith Williams.

The motor racing complex also included a drag strip, a speedway circuit and an air strip. Motorsport Royalty, such as Jackie Stewart, Graham Hill, Jim Clark, our own Peter Brock, Bob Jane, Norm Beechey, Dick Johnson, Alan Moffat and Jim Richards raced there.

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Cop This, Cop That

In the 1990s, Queensland Police built two racing cars – known as 'Cop This' and 'Cop That' – designed to encourage drag racing on race tracks, rather than on the street. 

Drive Magazine

Operation Drag Gold Coast - "Give the petrolheads a regular venue for their drag meets to stop dangerous hooning on the streets." The venue was packed! We used to celebrate custom cars on the Gold Coast!

About Shady Street Styling Founder, Will McCoy

Will McCoy is a true enthusiast of all things automotive with a deep passion for high-end luxury and custom cars.

He is widely recognised for his project 'SHADY', a Holden Commodore that he meticulously rebuilt from age 17, transforming it into a powerhouse featuring an LS Motorsports built 517hp engine, that gained a substantial following. In December 2022, SHADY Mark I found a new owner and Will moved on to his next big project.

Where did it begin?

Will's Grandfather was UK motorcyle legend Brian Leask and his Uncle was International Motorcross Champion Perry Leask, so motorsport is in Will's blood. However, Will's passion for cars became evident even as a toddler when he accumulated a vast collection of Matchbox cars only to remove all the wheels and store them in jars to swap between vehicles. He re-painted the cars and built large race tracks around the house. At age 10, he designed his first custom-car logo "Hot Will's Designs". 

Shady Creative Media

Inspired by the positive response to his own car photography and videography of SHADY, Will launched Shady Creative Media, with an artistic approach and distinctive style that appealed to the community of automotive enthusiasts and dealers. Shady Creative Media continues to capture the essence of automotive beauty and power through the lens.