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KSPORT Holden Commodore VE/VF Strut Brace

KSPORT Holden Commodore VE/VF Strut Brace

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  • In this case, the more chassis stiffness the better. Our Strut Braces that brace on top of the strut towers, allows chassis bracing, which allows for alignment angles and spring rates to maintain and as a result greatly reduces body or chassis flex. By having a correct strut brace, it further helps the suspensions/coilovers do its job to the best of its abilities where you would then be able to feel significant differences through increased cornering stability, sharper steering responses along as greater feedback of vehicle control.
  • Our strut braces feature a premium alloy material, which acts as a barrier to corrosion and wear & tear.
  • Installation guide included providing guidance with installation. If install guide is lost, go to our "INSTALLATION" Page for a digital version. 
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Holden Commodore 2007+
  • Vehicle Shape: Sedan, Ute, Wagon
  • Direct Bolt On for HOLDEN VE COMMODORES.
  • Modification may be required for HOLDEN VF COMMODORES
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