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MCA Suspension

MCA Pro Sport

MCA Pro Sport

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The MCA Pro Sports are designed to provide a high level of performance and handling with an acceptable level of comfort on the road. The minimal compromise is achieved thanks to our Fusion 3.0 valving, along with a continuous, thorough and dedicated development program.

The MCA Pro Sports is perhaps the best example of the capabilities of our latest Fusion V3.0 valving. The idea behind the Pro Sports is that they are an excellent all-rounder, capable of acceptable ride quality on the street, highly enjoyable spirited driving, as well as entry-level motorsport use such as hill climbs, circuit sprint days, gymkhana, etc. They feature a very large range of height adjustment as well as hard/soft damper adjustment and camber adjustment where applicable. These really are excellent all-rounder options for performance-orientated street cars.

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