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MCA Suspension

MCA Reds

MCA Reds

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MCA Reds are our longest-running product, second only to the Gold Series. Whilst traditionally they are recognised for their performance and flexibility in tarmac-based motorsports such as circuit, time attack, drift, drag and roll racing, their valving and springs can also be tailored to suit comfort-based street use, or anything in between. In addition to this, thanks to the introduction of our new Fusion 3.0 Valving, we’ve also been able to further increase the versatility of our setups.

The MCA Reds are currently the suspension of choice for a number of control racing categories both in Australia and overseas as well as featuring on our own lap record holding 1100rwhp Time Attack Toyota 86. Their valving and spring rates are determined by our Suspension Gurus on a per-order basis.

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